Navy Vet Tom Anstead Launches Oceanis Dive Watch

Navy veteran Tom Anstead is the bravest sort Swiss made dive watch of entrepreneur: he launched a brand new watch organisation in a manufacturing area wherein most of the mounted gamers are hundreds of years old and some of the maximum liked manufacturers encourage intense loyalty in their clients. Anstead wanted to construct a high exceptional dive watch and deliver it at a reasonable fee. The 2nd iteration of his Anstead Oceanis dive watch is now to be had for $499 for a constrained time via Tom’s internet site.

The Oceanis is crafted from 316L chrome steel and springs with a Miyota 9015 motion. Anstead advertises water-resistance to three hundred meters and forty hours of electricity reserve, so that you don’t must put on the watch every day to preserve it wound. The palms and dial use a Super LumiNova coating for easy visibility and the a hundred and twenty-click unidirectional bezel gives more specific marker settings.


It’s a declaration to put on such a. It’s now not small (44 x 49 mm with a 14.3 mm thickness) and it’s were given a huge bracelet. You might not forget about you’re carrying one.

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We talked to Tom Anstead about his navy career, how he started out his agency and the Oceanis watch.

Describe your service. What made you decide to join the Navy? What did you do all through your career? How did making a decision it changed into time to get out?

I had desired to join the Navy since I turned into 5 years antique. It always struck me as an adventurous manner to see the world. Plus I had a tremendous love of united states of america and virtually felt the responsibility to serve. I went to university at Villanova University on an NROTC scholarship. I served on the plane provider USS Independence out of Yokoska, Japan. Like most of the people’s navy enjoy, it gave me the threat to look an awful lot of the arena I would have otherwise never gotten to look, in particular at a young age. Once I filled my service dedication I determined to move directly to pursue different interests.

What’s been your publish-military career?

After the Navy, I went directly to get grasp’s degrees in Film and Business. That schooling has paid dividends in knowledge the way to run a enterprise. I labored as a product supervisor in clinical devices, which became a splendid manner to experience developing, launching, and marketing merchandise.

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Talk approximately your hobby in watches in popular and dive watches specially. What was your first watch?

My interest in watches possibly started 10 years in the past. Like so many guys, I favored the automatic mechanical watches. The idea of a micro gadget you could wear appealed to me. There is a lot craftsmanship in an eye fixed. I like the watches that have been distinctly designed to appearance first rate, but engineered to be beneficial equipment inside the real world. I locate the history of dive and flight watches with their roots as army gadgets fascinating. The development of correct time portions in wellknown got here from the need for ships to navigate long distances. I think watches represent so many of my pursuits.

My first watch…ha! It was possibly a Swatch after I became kid. It appeared anyone had at least one Swatch again then. In university, I take into account wearing a Timex Ironman a great deal of the time. It was reasonably-priced and indestructible.


What’s the idea behind the Anstead Oceanis? Why need to our readers pay attention to your watch?

The idea at the back of the Oceanis is that it’s primarily based on existence in the military. When I become in the Navy I determined myself doing a wide range of things. It changed into everything from status watch at the bridge, to flying in helicopters and planes. I might put on paintings uniforms, get dressed uniforms, and be in civilian garments after hours. I had occasion to head scuba diving while on a port name in Hawaii and had swim call off a submarine. The Oceanis might had been the watch I wanted to wear. It’s a dive watch with brilliant functions, but it’s also a exquisite searching design that is going with something. It’s heavy stainless-steel and it’s on the larger size at 44mm – it’s a man’s watch and has that sense. Yet it appears wonderful irrespective of what the state of affairs.

Starting a corporation that makes this type of complex product in a field with so many properly-established competitors is an exceedingly daunting concept. What led you to accept as true with it turned into really worth taking on the set up gamers?

I’ve recognised lots of human beings who have desired to begin their personal business over time, and the maximum not unusual excuse for now not doing it is, “Someone is already doing it.” Competition is some thing to be embraced. It creates classes and defines merchandise. There are usually reasons not to enter any particular commercial enterprise, but having competition isn’t certainly one of them.

The maximum vital component you may do is observe your ardour. I began my watch commercial enterprise because I didn’t see the sort of watch I desired to put on for the rate I desired to pay. I designed an eye fixed that I desired to experience that had the features I could have appreciated after I turned into in the navy.


There are many competitors accessible but the watch market is noticeably segmented. First, there are automatics and quartz movements. That is a huge division to begin. There are very costly luxury brands from Switzerland. There are many low fee quartz watches. When you examine all the charge tiers of all watches, from $10 to $a hundred,000, you notice each fashion, characteristic, and charge combination. As a client, you don’t look at each watch available on the market, you examine the capabilities and patterns that interest you inside the rate variety that works. With those things in mind, the Oceanis fits into a selected phase that I experience appeals to men who truely love watches. It’s a charge conscious watch, in comparison to the well-known Swiss brand, however it’s an automated so it appeals to guys who definitely love watches. It’s also a dive watch, loaded with features, and it’s designed is have an effect on by navy provider. It’s also a U.S. Business enterprise and that’s important to a lot of humans. That starts offevolved to narrow the class.

The watch market receives puzzling whilst you see some quartz watches overpriced at $900 and some mechanical automatics priced decrease. It could make someone question all prices and values. There is lots to think about as a customer. I’m cozy that the Oceanis is priced right and those are becoming what they pay for.

The Oceanis has a splendid computerized movement, the Miyota 9015. This permits the watch to be made at an less costly fee but affords the wearer with an automatic with conventional styling that rival extra high priced brands.


What are the watches we have to compare for your watch?

I think when of comparing the Oceanis, it’s excellent to examine it to other boutique manufacturers. And of course we are talking approximately low-cost computerized mechanical watches for men who simply love watches. Comparing it to Swiss made manufacturers that fee many lots, or quartz watches, doesn’t make tons sense. This category of affordable guys’s automatics is unique.

Halios out of Canada and Tempest make recreation and dive watches which might be similar in capabilities and price.

For a great deal extra luxurious manufacturers, watches with navy backgrounds like Glycine and IWC have given me loads of idea. I assume the Oceanis suits with those watches.


Where are you manufacturing the watch? How did you set that up?

I was able to find a manufacturer who makes watches in Switzerland and China. They have a whole lot of know-how. I actually have worked with multiple producers and feature discovered a wide range of first-class. I located the right one with brilliant great however who’s nonetheless capable of preserve prices low sufficient to be low-cost due to the Chinese manufacturing. Someday, I would really like to fabricate within the US, but with the intention to greater than double the rate so I’ll have truely exchange plenty about the brand.

In todays related international, I were capable of ship up manufacturing through operating with providers on-line. I’ve used internet site designers and programmers inside the US, several states away from me. Creating a organization, and no longer only a product, may be a complicated undertaking, but the Internet has made those kinds of connections possible.

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